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Rick Warren’s ‘magic number’

Religious Connections’ gently oblique approach to pastor Rick Warren’s tweeted attempt to create an evangelistic urban legend, demonstrates the falsehood of Warren’s every word. Without ever slapping the goateed Baptist across the face.

So polite, don’t you think?

First, Religious Connections refutes Warren’s fundamentally vacant claim that Christians were put to death for their faith and “No one, except Christians, said anything:”

Unless you count Amnesty International (not a Christian organization) and Human Rights Watch — and others.

Then he deals with the asserted 146,00 number. Like this:

The number 146,000 is almost as startling as Warren’s willingness to encourage, without just cause, self-isolating Christian self-pity. In the lengthy process of attempting to find a valid source for Warren’s claim, we learned that 146,000 is a number which turns up frequently. Almost as if it were a magic number: . . . .

If you’re a software geek, or pause to read the magic number Wikipedia reference, you know the author is suggesting that Warren’s number isn’t documented because it has no underlying reality. Moreover, by belaboring the point with a series of illustrations, Religious Connections suggests that Warren knew there was no underlying reality. So he deliberately chose a number that would have about it an aura of believability. The better to delude us with, you see.

All said without frontal assault, and at close leaving for Warren an opportunity to redeem himself. If Warren condescends to try.

146,000 dead Christians and who cares?


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